Top Doctor Awards – Popularity Contest, Buy-in, or Merit-based?

Every year, the medical community has a Top Doctor award for specialties throughout medicine. I used to think, “Wow, this must be a great prestigious honor!”. It’s taken time, research, and just basic understanding of what these awards are all about.

Are Top Doctor Awards Real?

I’m a Journalist. Apparently, I’m Also One of America’s “Top Doctors.”

ABC News Investigates Top Doctor Awards: Are They Always Well Deserved?

Top Doctor Award Scams

Author: Kris

Grew up in a small Texas town. Heavily involved in extracurricular activities: piano, violin, dance (ballet/jazz/tap), tennis, horseback riding (english/western), taekwondo, basketball, soccer, volleyball, percussion, drumline, orchestra, band, mascot, pageants. I had the typical Tiger Mom upbringing. Went to college, medical school, residency, and fellowship. Amidst the ups and downs of life, allow me to share with you my an "ordinary" person who happens to be an MD.

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