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The 20/20/20 Rule of Productive Mornings

The 20/20/20 Rule of Productive Mornings

5AM Club Summary

Why the 5AM Club is a bad idea

I tried the 5AM club. I used to get up at 6:22am to leave the house by 6:45a. The change from getting up at 6:22am to 5am was steep and painful. Yes, I had to adjust my bedtime the night before from going to bed at 10p to 9pm. This left me feeling worse as my husband and I would finish up cleaning the dishes/house and packing lunches for the kids around 8:30p/9p. That meant little time to ourselves. So, the 5am club didn’t work for me. I do however get up at 5:30a or 5:45a for a 30 minute workout and that has been absolutely wonderful. I don’t stick to the 20/20/20 rule of productive mornings. I do 30 minutes for me and that’s my protected time to do anything that makes me happy. Some days, I sleep in. Most days, I workout. I don’t do any planning or meditation or whatever the book suggested. I’m just happier having 30 minutes to 1 hour at the end of the day to connect with my husband, relax, stretch, plan things, etc.

Have you read it? What do you like to do for productivity/self-care time?