Career path: anesthesiologist

If you’re an anesthesiologist or in anesthesiology, you should check out this guy’s blog. He’s real and states it how it is. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of what he describes here:

I think in residency it was a tad easier to deal with the insane work hours bc all my friends were in the same boat. We all suffered together and had minimal free time. But now in the real world, where a lot of my friends are non-medical or have better work hours… I see a huge discrepancy in free time available. It’s taking a toll on me bc I want that free time too and I find myself overwhelmed with being a “Yes” person and ignoring “me”. Lately, it’s catching up and I need a disconnect. 

But apparently, according to this recent report, I’m not working that hard.  Maybe hospital administrators should know that OR efficiency (or lack thereof) is the bottleneck.  Perhaps parallel incentives where productivity-based pay instead of salaries would provide a bit of motivation. 

And I completely agree with this guy’s assessment and wonderment of trying to become an intensivist. I chose anesthesiology for a reason, not ICU, not internal medicine, etc.