Project Hands OR 1

The experience is one I’ll truly cherish. I’ll have to go at least yearly. These people need so much and it’s really an honor to be able to reach out to them. Had 3 cases today. All pedi burns..6y, 14y, 6y. First case, the 6y old was so brave. We did a right axillary contracture release with skin graft lasted about 2h. 2nd case was the toughest anesthetically. She had burns to her face and had a mouth opening of barely 2 of my fingers. I barely got a 2.5 Lma thru. They released contractures on her neck and eyelids. She coughed in the middle of the case as one of surgeons was putting stitch in neck. She laryngospasmed….oy! Sat went down to 70s…had to give prop to break it. That, I could’ve lived without. Last case was a screaming, crying 6y. Had to tackle mask him down…luckily, he went down nicely. They did a left hand/thumb release. All the pts did well in the pacu. 🙂 so far so good…. now for dinner, drinks, and hanging with the group.


Free day in Antigua

I´m currently in Antigua.  ´It´s a cute, beautiful city that used to be the ancient capitol of Guatemala.  We´ve walked around the city, which reminded me of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Cute city blocks with very colorful buildings.  The people are extremely friendly.  Heading out to a Spanish class at 1:30p for a refresher.  My Project HANDS family is very nice, helpful and I can definitely see this trip being a great one!  More to follow…

Project hands day 1


Back in December, I found a group on the internet called Project Hands. It’s a Vancouver based group who puts together a healthcare team composed of doctors, nurses, techs, administrators, and engineers to send over to Guatemala to deliver surgical care. I’m part of the May 2011 team. I’ve never done a medical mission trip, but I think they’re important to see how others live life and deal with medical problems. I love experiencing new cultures!  Today, I leave for Guatemala and am quite excited to get going on the trip. Now, as an anesthesiologist, I wonder about the equipment and drugs that I’ll have access to…. will they be the same one I’m familiar with or will they be some kind of rigged contraption with an O2 flow tubing hooked up to volatile agent? I’ll try to post daily and include some pics as well. I’m supposed to arrive in Guatemala tonight….