Continuous Glucose Monitor

In November 2022, I opted to try a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to track my blood sugar readings. Granted, I am not diabetic, however my father and my aunt are diabetics and I had gestational diabetes during my 2nd pregnancy. I’m a bit of a data nerd and like to see how my body responds to the things I eat. So, I signed up for a program through Zoe and started following the app and logging my food. After I completed the 14 days, I then stumbled upon Glucose Goddess and want to try another 14 days with the CGM. Here’s the data from the first trial.

I felt that my blood glucose was actually pretty well maintained. My average reading was 94 and I fluctuated from 72-138. That’s pretty much carrying on with my regular lifestyle: protein shake for breakfast, whole food plant based meal for lunch, and regular dinner and a snack before bed. After reading the Glucose Revolution book, I find that I have an even better understanding of what I can do to improve my stability and consistency of my glucose curve. 2nd trial coming soon!

VO2 Max and Health/Wellness

VO2 max

After listening to the Huberman Lab podcast (and you should too! He’s got nuggets of info on health!), I decided to schedule a Dexa Scan as well as VO2 max test. I want to have a baseline of where I am at my age. This year has been a huge year of change. I’ve committed to my health (yes I’m currently 7 months in with a strength program called Rise; I started 1-2x/wk rowing; MMA 1x/wk). I’m changing jobs. I have cut back or cut out unnecessary or harmful things to my life. I’m participating in a glucose monitoring study. I wish I had done these metrics every decade of my life starting at 10.

What is VO2 max?

How to Improve VO2 max

6 Ways to Improve Your VO2 Max

VO2 Max: The Fitness Metric That Can Help You Run Faster and Workout Harder

Effect of dietary fat on metabolic adjustments to maximal VO2 and endurance in runners. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1994 Jan;26(1):81-8.

VO2 max test on Concept 2

The more I dig into the world of health and wellness, the more there is to learn. Hormones, gut health, nutrition, supplements, macros/micros, exercise (role for mobility, flexibility, cardio, strength, functional, etc). I wish they taught this stuff in medical school. This is the real foundation of health and wellness.

Cardiorespiratory Coordination in Collegiate Rowing PDF

A New Fitness Test of Estimating VO2max in Well-Trained Rowing Athletes. Front. Physiol., 02 July 2021. Sec. Exercise Physiology

How to Improve:

Indoor Rowing Workouts That Boost Your Vo2 Max

More gems:

iollo – metabolomics testing (metabolite measuring)

Zoe – gut health, blood sugar, blood fat

Athletic Greens – comprehensive nutrition and gut health support

Ka’Chava – whole health meal replacement

Vedge Nutrition – fitness supplements made by vegans for vegans

Mud/WTR and Ryze – mushroom supplementation



Overall, I felt I could have pushed a bit harder but I was nervous on the treadmill. My legs were burning. Oh the dreadmill.