Garmin watches to consider for indoor rowing & indoor rowing apps

Venu 2 Plus

Fenix 6s

Fenix 7s


What I have:

Forerunner 935 – used this to run and train for a half marathon. I still use it today as it’s extremely rugged. Need to upgrade to track indoor/outdoor rowing activities.

HRM-Dual – perfect as this connects to everything!

What my hubs has:

Instinct – this is perfect as he loves to surf

I decided to go with the Garmin Fenix 7s and hooking it up directly to my Concept2 rower.

Connecting Concept 2 logbook with Strava and Garmin Connect

Indoor Rowing Apps

Garage Gym Pro: 10 best rowing machine apps

Rowing Machine King: Complete guide to best rowing machine apps

World Rowing: the best rowing machine apps to use

OriGym: 15 best rowing apps

Concept2 compatible apps

Author: Kris

Grew up in a small Texas town. Heavily involved in extracurricular activities: piano, violin, dance (ballet/jazz/tap), tennis, horseback riding (english/western), taekwondo, basketball, soccer, volleyball, percussion, drumline, orchestra, band, mascot, pageants. I had the typical Tiger Mom upbringing. Went to college, medical school, residency, and fellowship. Amidst the ups and downs of life, allow me to share with you my an "ordinary" person who happens to be an MD.

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